Servi Plus

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A Heavy-Duty Helping Hand

With an expanded payload and increased capacity, our Servi Plus hospitality robot is the perfect companion for covering large service areas, busy shifts, and big events. Whether you need help running food or bussing dishes, go bigger and serve better with Servi Plus.

Bigger. Stronger. Servi+

  • 16+ dish capacity

  • Expanded 88 lb (40 kg) payload

  • Carries 4 XL trays or 4 standard bus tubs

  • All-floor navigation with industry-leading suspension

Custom Tray Configurations

With multiple tray arrangements, Servi Plus easily adjusts to accommodate tall items and packages.

Custom Display & Sounds
Beautiful dot matrix LED display and clear sound system for tailored messages.

Perimeter Lighting
Striking LED lighting for greater visibility and communication.

Responsive LED Lighting
Ultra-responsive LED lighting for highlighting food when placed on the tray.

Ramp Navigation
With fine-tuned speed and suspension, Servi+ easily traverses the ups and downs of ADA ramps.

Smooth Suspension
Servi+ glides across a variety of flooring types and thresholds up to 1/2″.

Liquids Delivery
Servi+ features calibrated speed and parking presets to carry drinks and soups.


Product Specifications

Size | 21 “ × 23 “ × 48 “
Number of trays | 2-4 trays (Customizable)
Weight | 136 lb
Payload | 22 lb per tray, total 88 lb
Battery Life | 8 – 12 hrs
Charging Type | Wall charger (Input 100~240V AC 3.5A 50/60 Hz, Output 28.6V DC, 8.0A)
Controller | External tablet or attached touchscreen

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