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Small Body, Huge Energy

Intelligent Scheduling System

Through intelligent coordination of the self-developed communication system, AI distributed scheduling can be realized, which ensures multi-robot cooperation and continuous optimization of the loading capacity, and thus improves the overall distribution efficiency.

Professional delivery – Born for deliver

With the multi-point delivery mode, dishes for four tables can be delivered at one time With the cruising delivery mode, it is convenient for customers to take dishes.

Product Specification:

Product Size(W x D x H): 519 x 531 x 1256 mm
Product Weight: 52 kg
Maximum Angle: ≤ 5°
Maximum Speed: 1.2 m/s
Minimum Passage Width: 70 cm
Charging Time: 5 h
Battery Life: 12-15 h
Battery Capacity: DC 48V 12Ah
Number of Layers: 4
Load Capacity: 35 kg (10 kg per layer with top Layer 5 kg)
Layer Size: 515 x 426 x 180 mm
Operating System: Android

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